Momorangi Bay

This bay is a very popular site, especially in the warmer months where it is visited by a combination of tourists and holiday makers enjoying the DOC campsite.

The bay has a large combination of facilities, including boat ramp and wharf.

The bay is sheltered in S winds but is open to winds from W and to N.

The bay has a large number of consented moorings spread throughout the bay.

There is a launching ramp on the western side of the bay.

Facility photos

QCS MomorangiBay Restaurant 02 QCS MomorangiBay ToiletBlock 23 QCS MomorangiBay 36 QCS MomorangiBay PicnicTable 03 QCS MomorangiBay Camping 11 QCS MomorangiBay WaterTap 01

Videos / other media

Very, especially during summer
Southerly protected, exposed to W to N winds
Shallows to 1 to 1.5m head of bay
Type of beach
Marked Swimming lane (SW side) Popular with summer tourists / holiday makers as its shallow nature warms the water during summer. DOC campground has recently been updated with many new facilities
Rocks/reef/sand bank warnings
Busy and very popular, must take care especially during summer
Other information