Keeping Marlborough Sounds' harbours safe for all to enjoy requires everyone to work together for navigational safety.

If you identify a navigational safety issue that needs attention, please contact the Marlborough Harbour Masters' office.

A hazard is a known risk site that in the majority of circumstances has been marked by a sign, buoy, light or radar reflector by the Harbour Masters' office.

The Cruise Guide indicates the location of these known hazards: Clicking on each feature will inform users about the site and the site details.

If you identify navigational hazard or believe a site should be added to the hazard record, please contact either the Harbour Masters' office or email the Cruise Guide administrators.

If you are involved in an accident or incident such as a collision or near-miss on the water, please report it to the Harbour Master.
Doing this this helps the Harbour Master identify areas to improve safety in the harbour.

The Harbour Masters' office can be contacted 24 hours a day by calling 03 520 7400.